29 – Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Robert Mulholland speaks of prayer as the third “inner dynamic of our disciplines.” “Prayer … becomes the offering of who we are to God: the giving of that broken, grasping, manipulative self to God for the work of God’s grace … Continue reading

28 – Solitude – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Robert Mulholland calls silence the first “inner dynamic of our disciplines” and he calls solitude the second. “We tend to think of solitude as simply being alone…. however, solitude is, in the silence of release, beginning to face the deep … Continue reading

27 – Silence – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Do you know what silence is?  Consider Robert Mulholland’s suggestion – “We tend to think of silence as simply being still…. The practice of silence is the radical reversal of our cultural tendencies.  Silence is bringing ourselves to the point … Continue reading

25 – Spiritual Disciplines – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

As a follow up to Robert Mulholland’s definition of spiritual formation it is good to hear his counsel regarding spiritual disciplines. “Let me clarify the nature of a spiritual discipline, because here our cultural shaping distorts our understanding.  We tend … Continue reading

24 – Spiritual Formation — Intention on the Spiritual Journey

In preparation for a retreat I recently attended I read Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation by M. Robert Mulholland, Jr.  He defines spiritual formation as “a process of being conformed to the image of Christ … Continue reading

23 – Spiritual Disciplines of Engagement – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

In turning his attention to the spiritual disciplines of engagement (study, worship, celebration, service, prayer, fellowship, confession, and submission), Dallas Willard writes, “The disciplines of abstinence must be counterbalanced and supplemented by the disciplines of engagement.  Abstinence and engagement are … Continue reading

22 – Spiritual Disciplines of Abstinence – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

 In discussing the spiritual disciplines of abstinence (solitude, silence, fasting, frugality, chastity, secrecy, sacrifice) Dallas Willard has the following to say, “In the disciplines of abstinence, we abstain to some degree and for some time from the satisfaction of what … Continue reading

21 – Spiritual Disciplines – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

 Two weeks ago we looked at Richard Foster’s grouping of the disciplines as inward, outward and corporate.  Below are some spiritual disciplines identified by Dallas Willard and a way he distinguishes the disciplines (from The Spirit of the Disciplines, page … Continue reading

20 – Gratitude – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

This past Sunday the minister mentioned the “spiritual discipline of thankfulness” in his sermon “Choose to Be Thankful” (1 Thessalonians 5:18), so this seemed an opportune time to add Thankfulness/Gratitude to our list of spiritual practices. “Gratitude is a loving … Continue reading