229 – Imperfect – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

What do you want for Christmas? How many times lately have you been asked that question? Or, how many times have you asked that question of family, friends and co-workers?  What answers do you hear? Recently these words of Dietrich … Continue reading

227 – Ordinary Acts – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Thomas Moore suggests, The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. Thanksgiving Day has come and gone for another year.  Now our “sights” are set toward Christmas. … Continue reading

225 – Perspective – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Have you found some time over the last few weeks to “prepare” for Thanksgiving Day this year?  You know I don’t mean making your menu and buying the “fixings” for the big day, don’t you? Those things are important but … Continue reading

224 – The General Thanksgiving – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

In the Book of Common Prayer (p 101) at the close of Morning Prayer the following prayer is offered. Some of you are familiar with liturgical prayers and for some it is something out of your usual experience. In fact, … Continue reading

223 – Gratitude – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I think it would be good as we approach Thanksgiving Day to have a chance over the next several weeks to exercise our “thankfulness” muscles. Let’s take time this week to hear Albert Schweitzer, At times our own light goes … Continue reading

221 – Submission – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Oct 22 (1 day ago) Last week I shared a prayer of St Teresa of Avila under the heading “abandonment.” I would like to continue the same line of thought this week with a few words from St Ignatius of Loyola, Take, … Continue reading

220 – Abandonment – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Today, October 15, is the Feast Day of St Teresa of Avila.  In keeping with my practice of the past few years, I will offer today a quote from St Teresa’s writings.  I came across this while reading  Dwight H. … Continue reading