213 – Hearing – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

A while back I started receiving a daily selection from the writing of Frederick Buechner and recently this came to my inbox.  It immediately caused me to smile as I recognized much truth in it and I must admit also made me sad. … Continue reading

211 – Hearing in the Silence – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

In every extended discussion of spiritual practices “silence” always becomes a focus of attention at some point.  Many times the importance of silence is questioned, especially as it is “heard” as a withdrawal from the world, the community and our call to be … Continue reading

201 – Quiet – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Allow me to share two quotes today.  First from John Cage, “My favorite piece of music is the one we hear all the time, if we are quiet.” When you find yourself quiet today, pay attention.  What music is there? … Continue reading