102 – Sabbath – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

This past week my mind was drawn once again to the idea of Sabbath.  Maybe it was because after a busy week and then a weekend “off” I still felt tired on Monday morning.  Do we sometime think Sabbath means a “day off?”  I invite you to spend time with me this week considering what Sabbath can be. To stimulate your thinking,  I offer this thought I found online a few years ago,

“Sabbath ceasing [means] to cease not only from work itself, but also from the need to accomplish and be productive, from the worry and tension that accompany our modern criterion of efficiency, from our efforts to be in control of our lives as if we were God, from our possessiveness and our enculturation, and finally, from the humdrum and meaninglessness that result when life is pursued without the Lord at the center of it all.

“A great benefit of Sabbath keeping is that we learn to let God take care of us—not by becoming passive and lazy, but in the freedom of giving up our feeble attempts to be God in our own lives.”

(Marva J. Dawn in Keeping the Sabbath Wholly)

What is your understanding of Sabbath?  What is your practice of Sabbath?


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