104 – Rule of Life – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I am still thinking about Sabbath this week and I am wondering if it has ever been fully part of my routine.  And that got me to wondering what is my normal routine through the day, through the week, even through the year.  Do I even have a “normal” routine or am I just at the mercy of what happens to me each day.

A couple of weeks ago, I found this remark form Evelyn Underhill in my inbox,

“A simple rule, to be followed whether one is in the light or not, gives backbone to one’s spiritual life, as nothing else can.”  (Evelyn Underhill, The Letters of Evelyn Underhill, Charles Williams, ed., p. 312).

I have read in a number of places the advice to consciously establish a “Rule of Life.”  You may or may not have thought about a “formal” Rule of Life but there is already a rhythm to your life.  Why don’t you notice that rhythm this week?  Pay attention to what you do during the day and from day to day and you may see the rhythm that runs though your days and weeks.  Are there any surprises?  Is there any thing you want to change in that rhythm?  If so, you may already be thinking about what you want your Rule of Life to be.


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