148 – Graced Practices – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Last Wednesday Dallas Willard passed away.  Over the past week there have many posts on the internet about Willard and what his writings, lectures and friendship have meant to so many.  (If you would like to read some of these and can not easily find them online, let me know and I will email you some links.)

If you read anything about spiritual formation or spiritual disciples, Willard’s name almost always comes up.  A couple of weeks ago I can across a short (6 minutes) video on YouTube.com in which Willard is asked what his personal spiritual practices are.  As I listened I was impressed by his words that we should be directed in our practices by grace and not by guilt,  by his encouragement to see what can be constant in our lives and to take a long view, thinking not just about a day, but about a week, a month and a year.

I encourage you to find a few minutes to watch this video.  You might be impressed, as I was, not only by his wisdom, but also by his gentleness and humor.


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