150 – Seeing – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Last week we were encouraged by Dorothy Day to “see Christ in each other,” and I find myself this week still thinking about “seeing.”

Scripture challenges us many times to consider the person who “sees but does not see.”  A few weeks ago I had a vision test at my doctor’s and the results clearly indicated I was not seeing all that I should be seeing.  In my case the problem was a cataract which in a little while will be corrected.

But what about our other vision problem? The problem we sometimes have seeing the world and those around us as God would have us see them.

How do we correct those vision failures?  Are we seeing the world through a lens that is clouded or damaged or just not the right lens for our eyes?

I wonder if I could name three or four lens that distort my vision?

Maybe I have let parts of my culture hand me a set of lens through which I view and judge those around me, that is very far removed from how the Gospel teaches me to see others.

How about you?  Can you think of some “lens” that are distorting your vision?



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