152 – Seeing – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

For whatever reason I cannot get away from this subject.  For instance, this past Saturday I was in the car, turned on the radio and the program “This American Life”* was on.  The show was “Invisible Made Visible.”  Then I started listening to the first episode.

The first episode was about a man who was blind and the trouble he once had navigating a hotel room.  Toward the close of the episode he said,

“… you get a picture in your mind and if you get it wrong, you live in that mistake.”

That statement captured me.  How many times have I created such a picture of some event or situation and had it “figured out” only to discover later that I did not have it right.  How long did I “live in that mistake?”  How much did I miss by letting the mistake control what else I might have seen?

How about you?  Can you think of a “mistake” you lived in?  And can you think of what broke the power of the “mistake?”




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