156 – Grace – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Have you had those kind of days when you knew you needed an extra touch of grace?  As I look back over the past couple of weeks, I know I had several of those days.

Well, some of that needed grace arrived one day via an email delivered reflection from Upper Room.  Please allow me a couple of minutes today to pass this along to you in hope that you might find some encouragement or grace.

Assisting God’s Creation

SOME YEARS AGO, several friends and I were experiencing difficult days. Joan’s best friend died suddenly. Marty was going through a divorce. Charlene’s son was experimenting with drugs. And on it went.  The sky seemed to be tumbling down. But we got through those tough times and became deeper, more compassionate people as a result. …  

The image of God that comforted me in former struggles surfaces again to provide consolation. It first came to me in the form of a visual love note from the heart of a caring, almighty Creator during a time of silent meditation. It goes like this:

A flock of birds lies on their backs with their little twiglike legs stiffened and sticking straight up in the air. Some animals have told them the world is a mess and about to be annihilated. The sky is going to fall and crush the life out of God’s critters. The birds love God and God’s creation. Their frail, skinny legs might not be able to do much to keep the falling sky from crushing the life out of God’s created order, but by golly they are trying the best they know how.

About that time, God comes by and asks the birds what they were doing on their backs with their legs up in the air. They explain their little twiglike legs might not be able to catch the falling sky and prevent the destruction of creation, but they are doing the best they possibly can.

A faint smile forms on God’s face. The Lord looks at them with loving eyes and says, “My silly little birds, I see you are doing the best you possibly can and I would like to say…”

There is a long pause and the birds together say, “You would like to say…?”

And God, in a rather shy, embarrassed manner, says, “I would like to say, God bless you!”

From pages 116-117 of Not Alone: Encouragement for Caregivers by Nell E. Noonan.





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