165 – Peace – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I had something in mind to send out today, put myself in front of the computer to get started, and began typing “Draft for September 11, 2013.”  And stopped.

– 9/11 –

I thought for a moment about not sending anything because I wasn’t sure what can be said or should be said.  I think I will let Thomas Merton speak,

“The peace which Christ brings is not the peace of a tyrannical ‘order’ which is disorder because in it all opposition is merely suppressed, and differences are violently wiped out. Peace does not mean the suppression of all differences, but their coexistence and fruitful collaboration. Peace does not consist in one man, one party, one nation, crushing and dominating everyone else. Peace exists where men who have the power to be enemies are, instead, friends by reason of the sacrifices they have made in order to meet one another on a higher level, where the differences between them are no longer a source of conflict.”  (from “The Monastic Journey” p 41)


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