185 – Where do Prayers Go? – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Good Morning.

It looks like I am a day late for another week.  Have you had weeks like that?  Nothing happens “on time?”  At least on the time you want it to.

And to tell the truth, I wasn’t sure until just a moment ago what to write you.  And then these words of Madeleine L’Engle appeared in my email –

What happens to all my prayers – those that are not answered, and those that seem to make things worse than anyone ever anticipated? Surely they are still sustaining me. Perhaps there will be unexpected answers to them, answers I may not even be aware of for years. I cannot believe they are wasted or lost. I do not know where they have gone, but I believe God holds them, hand outstretched to receive them like precious pearls. – from Cries from the Heart

I find these words reassuring.

I can pray and let the prayer go.  If my pray is silence, I can offer the silence to God and let God have it.  If my prayer consists of words, God has those.  Even if my prayer is tears or groans, I give those to God in trust.

I think I will trust God today, regardless of what I think I might see.


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