215 – Silence – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Let me break the morning silence by bringing a few words from Thomas Merton,

“Music is pleasing not only because of the sound but because of the silence that is in it: without the alternation of sound and silence there would be no rhythm. If we strive to be happy by filling all the silences of life with sound, productive by turning all of life’s leisure into work, and real by turning all our being into doing, we will only succeed in producing a hell on earth.”

“If we have no silence, God is not heard in our music. If we have no rest, God does not bless our work. If we twist our lives out of shape in order to fill every corner of them with action and experience, God will silently withdraw from our hearts and leave us empty.” (From: No Man Is an Island)

Have you ever entertained that idea?  Without silence “there is not rhythm.”  Without silence there would be no meaningful words?  Without silence there is no place to hear God’s voice?

Be on the lookout today for the silences that are given you.  When the gift of silence comes, give thanks to God for it and wait for what can be heard.


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