234 – Learning to Pray – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

In the weeks before this past Christmas I took several opportunities to visit a few local bookstores (no surprise to those of you who know me!).

On one of my visits, I was looking at several books on prayer and on the back of one saw a description of “Prayer’s Apprentice: A Year with the Great Spiritual Mentors” by Timothy Jones.  The title caught my attention but the bookstore did not have a copy. The local public library came to my rescue.  I was able to secure a copy through my library and have been reading some in it.
Over the course of a year each week Rev Jones took a prayer and spent time with it during that week.  Essentially he journaled during these weeks and this book brings together something of his experience during that year.  Thus far, I have found each chapter worth reading and appreciate his deep level of personal sharing I find in the book.
I am wondering today who we have apprenticed ourselves to?  Who has been instrumental in informing and growing our prayer life?  Rev Jones includes Thomas Merton, the Psalms, C. S. Lewis, John Donne, Christina Rosetti, Rueben Job and many others.
Take some time and call to mind who has taught you prayer.  What have they taught you about praying?  If someone asked, who has taught you the most about prayer, what would your answer be?
{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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