40 – Fasting – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Scot McKnight in his book, Fasting stresses that fasting is whole-body response to a sacred moment.

“The thesis of this book is simple:  a unified perception of body, soul, spirit, and mind creates a spirituality that includes the body.  For this kind of body image, fasting is natural.  Fasting is the body talking what the spirit yearns, what the soul longs for, and what the mind knows to be true.  It is body talk – not the body simply talking for the spirit, for the mind, or for the soul in some symbolic way, but for the person, the whole person, to express himself or herself completely.  Fasting is one way you and I bring our entire selves into complete expression.” (p 11)

“I believe biblical fasting begins right here:  because of the sacredness of some moment or a task ahead, an embodied person chooses to avoid physical indulgence for a period of time in order to focus attention on God.” (p 19)

What are those kinds of sacred moments for you?

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