42 – Fasting – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

In our past several weeks of thinking about fasting what has been your experience?  Have you fasted?  Did you decide to fast for some period of time?  Why?  Were you “suppose” to?  Or did something call you to a time of fast?

If you have fasted, what has happened for you?  Did the abstinence of food (or perhaps something else) create a space or environment that something else could fill?  Or was the space filled only by a sense of absence, longing, or preoccupation?  Did the space allow you to focus on  what is sacred and what called you to fast?

Think for a moment about what Richard Foster wrote,

” … spiritual disciplines in and of themselves have no merit whatsoever.  They possess no righteousness, contain no rectitude. Their purpose – their only purpose – is to place us before God.  After that they have to the end of their tether.  But it is enough.”  (A Year with God: Living out the Spiritual Disciplines, p xv)

What in this season has placed you before God?

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