51 – Silence – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Think about your day, your week, and look though the days for where you have silence.  Do you?  Are there periods of silence in your day(s)?  If you find silence in your day(s), does it come by accident, by happenstance, or is it intentional on your part?

Perhaps you do not find silence in your days.  Is that the way you prefer?  Do you shun silence?  Do you fill your days with activity and noise to keep silence away?  Perhaps you want to know silence better but do not know how to find it.

We have already seen a number of writers claim silence is important in our journey and in our “formation.”  Do you agree with them today or find their claims hard to understand?

Why not spend some time this week thinking about silence in your life.  Start with a “silence inventory” and make note of periods of silence in your week.

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