58 – Praise – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

During this past week did you make time for the appreciating practice outline last week?  I did not make time every day but on two days I did.  One of those mornings it was not long after I woke up that I realized I needed an “attitude adjustment” so I would be less likely to “inflict” my attitude on others I encountered that day.  That morning I read Psalm 145 and for 10 minutes thanked God for whatever entered my mind.  Not only did a lot pass though my mind during those few minutes but at times I had some sense of what Edwards described as “the ‘nothing’ between what comes… nothing left standing without praise between you and God.”  Those brief minutes made a difference in how the remainder of the day for me.  What happened for you as you make time to thank God for what came to you?

This week I want to point our attention to some words from Richard Foster’s A Year with God.

“For this exercise, write down the things that you want to praise God for, such as your health, family, security, friends.  Then read or sing your praise aloud.  Tomorrow add more things to the celebration list, perhaps expanding your view to thank God for Jesus or for things he has done for the world, the county you live in, your town, and so forth.  Continue adding to or refining this list over the next ten days, reflecting on how you feel that day.  The Bible makes it clear that music and musical instruments were an important part of celebrations.  Consider listening to or playing a favorite praise song before or during the reading or singing of your list.  Remember that your act of reading or singing is a way of celebrating, praising God for all he has done and all he is.  Allow joy to bubble up as you think about all the blessings in your life.” (day 346)

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