60 – Commonplace Book – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Have you ever heard of a “commonplace book”?  In its simplest form it is a book you “make” that is a collection of quotes, verses, poems, drawings, sayings, even clippings.  Why?  Because these “things” struck you as having some worth and you thought it of value to “save” this so you could read it or see it again.  I read that in years past colleges offered courses on how to keep a commonplace book.

I see it as another form of a journal.  In your commonplace book you “save” things that have impressed you for one reason or another.  Then you return to the book and perhaps “sit” with it and allow some of your entries to work in your mind and soul more.

Can you think of one or two or maybe five things you want to put in your commonplace book today?

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