80 – Spiritual Formation – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I decided to start this year by rereading 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight.  As I begin to read it again, I see more and more the passion McKnight has to share what he sees as foundational for us becoming the people God calls us to be.  In Mark 12 we read about a scribe asking Jesus what is the most important commandment and Jesus’ response that we are to love God, love others and love ourselves.  McKnight writes that we can “… turn to … Jesus and to his words about what it means to be spiritually formed … his answer to the great question about the center of spiritual growth.” (The Jesus Creed, p xv – xvi)

I suspect we could use the phrase we used last week and say McKnight’s soul craved to hear Jesus tell him not only what was the greatest commandment but having heard, then to have this take root so deeply in his life that it is the source of his every thought and action.  He then craved to make others aware of the power he found in the Jesus Creed and began writing about it.

What do you crave?  What is drawing you this year?  What has captured your heart and soul and mind so much that you want to give it your strength to be transformed into the child of God you are called to be?  Maybe you call this growing in Christlikeness, discipleship, sanctification, or living the Jesus Creed. Whatever language you use it is about becoming the person God created you to be.

Stop for a moment and listen.  Listen for what is drawing you.  And then take a step …..


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