99 – Action and Contemplation – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I recently saw an article at the Alban Institute website by Bruce G. Epperly entitled “Finding the Right Blend of Action and Contemplation in Ministry.”


In the article he counsels against the tendency of many of us to emphasize one over the other.  He writes,

“ … mysticism can lead to ministry and prayer can lead to protest…. Mysticism – embodied in times of prayer and retreat – leads to mission.  When we are weary and anxious, our imaginations are constricted…. A renewed imagination can feed a multitude and revive a congregation.”

How do you find the “right blend?

One way to help find that blend might be to look over your day and your week and take an inventory of how you spend your time.   Once you see how you spend your time, you are in a better place to see what might be out of balance and even what you can do to find the right blend.

Remember you need not do this alone.  You might find value (and direction) in sharing your “inventory” with a trusted friend whose insight you value.

What do you think your inventory will show?  Are things in balance or do you need to think about some change?


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