Part Memoir, Part Homily, Part Call to Arms, Part Tears, Part Hopefulness – Entirely Challenging

That’s at least some of what I find in Christopher VanHall’s “Reborn Again: Crucifying Christendom & Resurrecting a Radical.”

Christopher is willing to bear his soul to take us on a journey that not only goes geographically coast to coast across the USA but covers the spiritual geography from fundamentalist Christianity to a thorough going progessive Chrisitianity, with stops along the way to consider worship styles and litugures, biblical exegesis, and how Christianity morphed into Christendom and Right Wing Politics.

Do you think that is too much (or impossible) for 200 pages? Maybe not! But you can read the book and see for yourself.

Maybe the book needs a “warning label”? Something like – “This book may be hazardous to your casual Christianity, your easy believism, your self-satisfied religious life, and your closed mind.” Oh, and did I add the book might make you angry?

And it will anger some on both sides of the “battle” between Neo-Fundamentalism and Progressive Christianity. And that is as it should be. Both parties need to know who is on the other side and what they are thinking. Not what “we” think they are thinking and doing, but what they really are about. Christopher can help us all with that. He has lived on both sides.

Oh, did I mention, Christopher has some definite ideas on why so many young people leave the church and some definite ideas on what they don’t find at church, what they are looking for and what might help them start finding a genuine faith.

And he does all this with clear writing that is fast paced enough to not lose your attention.

Whether you consider yourself fundalmentalist, conservative, progressive, recovering fundamentalist, spiritual but not religious, atheist, seeker, or just plain curious, you really should pick up this book and find something to anger you, worry you and inspire you.

Christopher has hope and he wants you to get on-board with that.

{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}


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