Are We Graded on a Pass-Fail or ….

These posts began as emails to an adult Sunday school class over 10 years ago. It was probably about 1982 that I first read Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline and Freedom of Simplicity and over the following years found more … Continue reading

216 – Compassion – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

How do we measure the value or worth of spiritual practices?  How do we know if “we are getting anyplace”?  Should we even ask if it is “working” for us? Maybe some advice from the Desert Fathers and Mothers would be helpful, … Continue reading

186 – Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Have you ever thought you had a problem with prayer?  I will confess that I have. I just came across this from Richard Foster on one kind of prayer problem – Our problem is that we assume prayer is something … Continue reading

112 – Success in Spiritual Practices – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Our class was reading some more articles on prayer this week and one article provoked some questions for me about spiritual practices/disciplines. How do we judge the value of a practice? Do practices have to be “fruitful” for us to … Continue reading