How Do You Describe Your Reality?

Each morning I receive a brief quote from the writings of one my favorite spiritual-theological-philosophical writers (he could wear all three hats), Dallas Willard. I was so struck by this morning’s words, I wanted to share them, The most amazing … Continue reading

218 – Walls – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Last week we heard Madeleine L’Engle warn us of the walls we can allow to be created between us and others. In part she wrote, “The house of God … is a cross where time and eternity meet, and where we are – … Continue reading

216 – Compassion – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

How do we measure the value or worth of spiritual practices?  How do we know if “we are getting anyplace”?  Should we even ask if it is “working” for us? Maybe some advice from the Desert Fathers and Mothers would be helpful, … Continue reading

184 – A Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

On January 31, 1915, Thomas Merton was born. Over the years since I first began reading Merton he has a had a profound influence on how I look at many things. May I simply share today a prayer of his? … Continue reading

182 – Common Business – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Last year I got an ebook edition of Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals (edited by Shane Claiborne and others).  I skipped around in it, read some and was impressed and pleased.  This year I decided to read the office … Continue reading

161 – Being Present – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Recently I came across these words from Henri J. M. Nouwen, “When I reflect on my own life, I realize that the moments of greatest comfort and consolation were moments when someone said, ‘I cannot take your pain away, I … Continue reading

143 – The Workaday World – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Some time back I mentioned the practice of keeping a “Saints Calendar.”   Yesterday, April 9, is marked on my calendar for Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  On April 9, 1945, he was executed by the Nazis for taking part in efforts to end Hitler’s control of … Continue reading

141 – Holy Week – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Where do you find yourself this week? Palm Sunday has passed; we are moving through Holy Week, on to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then …. Easter. I need to remember a few things today and I want to share those … Continue reading

131 – Evangelism – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Your assignment for today is read the following articles and write a reaction paper outlining …   no, no,  no,  Just joking.  But I do have a number of articles/blog posts listed below you might find interesting. My wife and daughter and I saw … Continue reading