126 – Advent – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Monday, December 10, was noted by many as the Memorial of Thomas Merton.  Given that and the fact that I have been reading and trying to pay attention to Merton over the past 30 years, I thought it a good time to share a quote from Merton I recently read.

“Meditating on the past and future Advents, we learn to recognize the present Advent that is taking place at every moment of our own earthly life as wayfarers. We awaken to the fact that every moment of time is a moment of judgment, that Christ is passing by and that we are judged by our awareness of His passing.” (from Seasons of Celebration,  page 76)

Is Advent “really” a “moment of judgement?”  Is that too “harsh” for us in this season of “good will to all?”

But the larger question for me, as I pay attention to Merton, is “will I recognize Christ as I pass him today?”


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