127 – Doing Without – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Today I want to share with you a brief quote and two resources.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer in God Is In the Manger wrote,

“Whoever does not know the austere blessedness of waiting – that is, of hopefully doing without – will never experience the full blessing of fulfillment.”

Have you ever connected the season of Advent with the practice of abstinence?  The way we too often speak of abstinence in such a “negative” way, do we divorce it from hope? Can you identify a time you were/are “hopefully doing without?”

For resource one I point you to Emergent Village, ( http://www.emergentvillage.org/ ). The Bonhoeffer quote came in my email yesterday from Emergent Village.  Many of the quotes they share are worth reading and rereading.  You can find a link to subscribe to their daily mailing at http://myemail.constantcontact.com/MINemergent—The-Blessedness-of-Waiting.html?soid=1011297815065&aid=f_tiMZV8IsA .You can also follow them on Facebook

For resource two I point you to Christian Audio ( http://christianaudio.com/ ),  Not only will find many audio books available for purchase at their site, you will discover that each month they offer a free audio book.  This month’s free audio book is Bonhoeffer’s “God Is In the Manger.”  ( http://christianaudio.com/free/ )  You can also follow them on several social media sites.


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