190 – Community – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

It seems for me “community” is the theme for this Lent.  Everyplace, in email, on the internet, in conversations, the topic keeps coming up.  Please allow me to share with you a few sentences from a post I recently came across.  Micah Bales in a post titled “Do We Really Want Community,” on www.redletterchristians.org wrote,

“We live in a culture that talks a lot about community…. we appear to think that it’s important.  Still, it often seems that the more we talk about community, the less of it we actually experience….  Real community isn’t a product that can be bought, sold, or created through ad campaigns and urban planning. Community is created through the simple act of living together and depending on one another over time. It requires that we consider the needs of others on an ongoing basis, even when it frustrates our own desires.  If we desire enduring community, we’ll sometimes be required to sacrifice of our own priorities, even deeply felt ones, for the sake of the family, the congregation, and all those other types of committed fellowships that are increasingly disintegrating in our present day….  Do we really want community? True community will limit our options in many ways; it will tie us down and force us to put up with people and situations that we would rather avoid. Do we truly believe that community is worth the cost?”

How much are we willing to endure and sacrifice for “our” community?  For The Community?

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