197 – Sabbath – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

The other day I came across an interesting article online, “Rooted: The Submerging Church” by Lee Wyatt.  There were a number of things that caught my eye, and this morning I want to point to you some the ways he envisioned Sabbath.

Slow Down (Sabbath from Speed) – as Brooks, a character in “The Shawshank Redemption” said upon release from prison after fifty years, “The world’s gone and gotten itself in a big … hurry.”

Sign Out (Sabbath from Cyber-Space) – If cyber-space becomes our primary connection to life, it has become a surrogate reality.

Stay Put (Sabbath from Mobility) – My ability to get up and go whenever I please often inhibits God’s call for me stay and grow where God pleases.

Shut Up (Sabbath from Words) – Just listen!

Stoop Down (Sabbath from Controlling) – Humility, the grace to confess that I am a creature (who is not in control) and not God (who is) by which we live.

Stare (Sabbath from Distraction) – Distraction and diversion are .. the heart of the enemy’s strategy to disable our living humanly.

Sing (Sabbath from Memos) – Discursive, linear, pragmatic thought rules most of the time.

Share (Sabbath from Me) – My life is my relationships, and relationships mean sharing. I must learn to share my necessities of life (food, communitas, faith) and joys and burdens with others while receiving their gifts and sharing their burdens as well.

Simplify (Sabbath from Clutter) – I need to pursue the path of downward nobility rather than upward mobility, divest, and de-clutter.

Sleep (Sabbath from Self) – Sleep, enough sleep is a basic form of selflessness and trust.

What do you think?  Are these some ways to think about our need for Sabbath?

What can you add to his list?

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