196 – Passion – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

One of the mailings that finds its way to my inbox most all weekdays is from the Yahoo Group, Awareness-TheWaytoLove.  Each mailing is a very short piece from the writings of Anthony de Mello, S.J.  Last week this appeared in my inbox,

“What’s so original about this man?” asked a visitor.  “All he gives you is a hash of stories, proverbs, and sayings from other masters.”

A female disciple smiled.  She once had a cook, she said, who made the most wonderful hash in the world.

“How on earth do you make it, my dear?  You must give me the recipe.”

The cook’s face glowed with pride.  She said, “Well, ma’am, I’ll tell yer.  Beef’s nothin’, pepper’s nothin’, onion’s nothin’.  But when I throws myself into the hash, that’s what makes it what it is.”  (from “Conversations with the Masters” by Anthony de Mello, S.J.)

How often have any of us asked why a spiritual practice has fallen flat for us?  Why does it seem so stale and mechanical?  Or maybe why a class or worship service has failed to inspire us?

Should I ask, “How much of myself have I thrown into this?”  “Where is my passion for this?”

What are you throwing in the “hash” today?  What are you holding back today?


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