203 – Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

The other day these words of Barbara Brown Taylor came my way and got me thinking,

To say I love God but I do not pray much is like saying I love life but I do not breathe much. The only way I have found to survive my shame is to come at the problem from both sides, exploring two distinct possibilities: 1) that prayer is more than my idea of prayer and 2) that some of what I actually do in my life may constitute genuine prayer.

The way she sets out to deal with her “problem” provokes me to examine my idea of prayer.  Have I “definied” prayer too narrowly?  Is that the beginning of the problem, that I define prayer in light of my understandings and experiences?  When do I pray?  What am I “doing” when I pray?  If I have no sense that I am “praying” might I still be “in prayer?”

Are these too many questions for Wednesday?

I encourage you to consider how Taylor might provoke you to think about praying.

Do you want to pray more or pray less?


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