204 – Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Please allow me a moment today to share a thought on prayer from Laurence Freemen,

Think of prayer as a great wheel. The wheel turns our whole life to God……. The spokes of the wheel represent different types of prayer. We pray in different ways, at different times, and according to how we feel…The spokes are the forms or expressions of prayer which fit into the hub of the wheel, which is the prayer of Jesus himself….All forms of prayer are valid. All are effective. They are informed by the prayer of the human consciousness of Jesus which is in us by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Does any of this speak to your experience of prayer?

What does it mean to you when he suggests ” … the forms or expressions of prayer which fit into the hub, which is the prayer of Jesus himself ….”?

How do you see your prayer related to the prayer of Jesus?

Or more to the point, “What is the prayer of Jesus?”

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