29 – Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Robert Mulholland speaks of prayer as the third “inner dynamic of our disciplines.”

“Prayer … becomes the offering of who we are to God: the giving of that broken, grasping, manipulative self to God for the work of God’s grace in our lives.  This is a yearning, hungering, wrestling prayer that enters into the painful struggle between what we are and the crucifying desire to become what God wants us to be.  This kind of prayer struggles with what we have been with others and hungers to be what God intends us to be for them.  This kind of prayer agonizes with what we have allowed others to be in our lives and yearns to allow others to be what God means for them to be for us.”

From Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation by M Robert Mulholland Jr, p 140.

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