66 – Journaling + Lectio Divina – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Some weeks ago (#36) I described Lectio Divina as a way of being with Scripture.  You may recall that Lectio Divina is often described as having four movements:

  • (1) Read/lectio, in which a passage is read slowly, often read several times, listening deeply, and listening for a word or phrase that draws you;
  • (2) Reflect/meditatio, a time of going deeper, being receptive, letting the Scripture to speak to you rather than you merely reading the words on the page;
  • (3) Respond/oratio, when you spontaneously respond to what you hear, giving voice perhaps in thanksgiving, praise, prayer or questioning;
  • (4) Rest/contemplatio, now you rest, you don’t force anything, you merely rest in God’s presence, and follow that sense of presence to where it leads.

Over the past few years I have found that Lectio is most fruitful for me as I journal with it.  And I have found for me the journaling is most natural when I journal on the computer.  I will have the passage for that time on the computer screen, I will read the passage slowly and listen for that word or phrase that attracts me.  I will type out that phrase, then I will wait, rest.  In that time of resting with the Scripture as thoughts, questions, ideas come, I will type them out.  I type everything that comes.  I don’t try to compose anything, I don’t try to type in complete sentences, I don’t try to correct grammar, I simply let flow to the computer screen everything that comes.  This most often is a time of going back and forth between reflecting and responding.  I never try to separate those movements.  I let them take their natural course as I hear the Scripture and let it speak.  Then there comes I a moment when I sense it is time to be quiet, to rest.  I stop typing and let silence lead me.

Journaling with Lectio might be worth a try for you.  If you are comfortable and relaxed in front of a computer screen, what I describe above may attract you.  Or you may want to have pen and paper in hand and journal with Lectio.  Think about finding the way that opens your spirit most to deeply hearing God’s Spirit.


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