Entering Scripture, one more model of Lectio Divina

Entering Scripture, one more model of Lectio Divina Several months ago I offered a post on “Entering Scripture” via the steps of Lectio Divina. I intended for the following week to offer another method that is patterned on Lectio Divina … Continue reading

Entering Scripture – Lectio Divina

“The Psalms acquire, for those who know how to enter into them, a surprising depth, a marvelous and inexhaustible actuality. They are bread, miraculously provided by Christ,to feed those who have followed Him into the wilderness.”From: Bread in the Wilderness … Continue reading

Have You Learned to Read?

Last week I posted a few comments about one of the books from Renovare, Spiritual Formation Workbook, and I’ll like to follow up with some material from the introduction to Devotional Classics: Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups.  This is … Continue reading

Lectio 365 – Lectio Divina at Your Fingertips

Several years ago when our church class began discussing spiritual practices/disciplines I began sending out a weekly email to help us have a context for our thinking about practices and how these relate to formation and discipleship. Over time other … Continue reading

208 – Coming to Scripture – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

The other day while going through some older material I can across a great piece by Alister McGrath, “Encountering Biblical Spirituality” http://metamorpha.com/blog/2011/10/01/alister-mcgrath-encountering-biblical-spirituality/ The entire article deserves to be read and I want to put before you this morning just a small piece, “As … Continue reading

174 – Restoreth my soul – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

The past several weeks we have been thinking about the balance between the passive and the active in our lives. With that lens in mind I invite you to spend time meditating on Psalm 23. When I recently came to … Continue reading

116 – Praying with Scripture – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Many mornings I read the responsorial psalm for the day and last Friday I was in for a surprise.  The psalm that morning was – Psalm 18:2-5 © (from the New Jerusalem Bible) The heavens proclaim the glory of God. … Continue reading

66 – Journaling + Lectio Divina – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Some weeks ago (#36) I described Lectio Divina as a way of being with Scripture.  You may recall that Lectio Divina is often described as having four movements: (1) Read/lectio, in which a passage is read slowly, often read several … Continue reading

36 – Lectio Divina – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Have you heard the expression “praying with scripture”?  I heard that expression long before I heard of lectio divina, but praying with scripture became real for me as I learned this form of “reading” and prayer. Lectio divina is usually … Continue reading