85 – Lent – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

“Last year, and again this year, Mark Roberts has posted on his blog several reflections on Ash Wednesday and Lent (see below for links).  Since we are only a week away from Ash Wednesday, I thought it good to point you to his posts.  Additionally, he addresses a theme we have focused on the last couple of weeks, when spiritual disciplines/practices lose their proper focus.

Mark Roberts writes,

“A Pastoral Word: Let me note, at this point, that if you think of Lent as a season to earn God’s favor by your good intentions or good works, then you’ve got a theological problem. God’s grace has been fully given to us in Christ. We can’t earn more of it by doing extra things or by giving up certain other things in fasting. If you see Lent as a time to make yourself more worthy for celebrating Good Friday and Easter, then perhaps you shouldn’t keep the season until you’ve grown in your understanding of grace. If, on the contrary, you see Lent as a time to grow more deeply in God’s grace, then you’re approaching Lent from a proper perspective.”

What do you think?  Has Roberts overstated the case or is his warning needed?

You can find his posts on Lent and Ash Wednesday at –




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