223 – Gratitude – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I think it would be good as we approach Thanksgiving Day to have a chance over the next several weeks to exercise our “thankfulness” muscles. Let’s take time this week to hear Albert Schweitzer, At times our own light goes … Continue reading

175 – Thankfulness – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I receive David Lose’s blog posts in email (and find so much in his writing worth reading) and last week a post came that seems just right for today.  I was already a fan of e. e. cummings and this … Continue reading

57 – Appreciating – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

This past week I had occasion to turn to Living in the Presence: Spiritual Exercises to Open Our Lives to the Awareness of God by Tilden Edwards.  One chapter is entitled, “Appreciating.”  He speaks of appreciation as “a natural gift … … Continue reading