225 – Perspective – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Have you found some time over the last few weeks to “prepare” for Thanksgiving Day this year?  You know I don’t mean making your menu and buying the “fixings” for the big day, don’t you? Those things are important but … Continue reading

224 – The General Thanksgiving – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

In the Book of Common Prayer (p 101) at the close of Morning Prayer the following prayer is offered. Some of you are familiar with liturgical prayers and for some it is something out of your usual experience. In fact, … Continue reading

73 – Gratitude – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Gratitude as a spiritual practice. Since tomorrow is “celebrated” as Thanksgiving Day by so many, are you surprised to see me remind us that gratitude and thankfulness is often included in a list of spiritual practices?  How many emails have … Continue reading