What can you see today?

Several years ago I was in a study group at a local congregation and it was our custom to start each evening with “on-board time.” – A short time when we went around the group to check in on what was happening during the week since we last got together and to help us move any of that out of the way during our time together that evening – On one particular evening we started with the question, “Where have you seen ministry these last few days?” As we each had time to answer the question each person mentioned an event that stood out to them – except one person, who said “I haven’t seen any ministry?” I was surprised by his answer, maybe even more surprised by his honesty, and sadden for him. Later that night, when we were into our study for the evening, he said, “Now I remember!” We paused our study to let him tell us what he had seen. I suspect he had not been “paying attention” to our study that evening, but also suspect he was doing an more important work; a work that probably was much more profitable than whatever we were otherwise talking about.

I invite you to look back over the prayer we have been thinking about, pick a moment of feast mentioned in the prayer and look back over you last few days or last week, and see if you find moments of feasting.


{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}

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