108 – Rule of Life – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I hope you found something interesting and helpful in the links I sent last week.  I trust I did not overwhelm you.

Before we leave our thinking about “Rule and Rhythm of Life” for the moment, I want to share a link to an article about “sharing a common rule of life.”  Kyle Childress writes, “The rule of life is not confessional, creedal, or doctrinal … but it makes plain how the members live and serve together.”

It is helpful for us to always remember we are part of a community (probably more than one) and live and mature as disciples in community.

You can find the article, “Ties that Bind: Sharing a Common Rule of Life”  here –


There is also a study guide for the article here –


The article comes from an issue of Christian Reflection devoted to the subject, “Monasticism: Old and New.”  You can find information about that issue and the table of contents here –


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