182 – Common Business – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Last year I got an ebook edition of Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals (edited by Shane Claiborne and others).  I skipped around in it, read some and was impressed and pleased.  This year I decided to read the office for each day.  The reading for this past Saturday, January 11, had a few sentences from Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence that I want to pass on to you,

Men invent means and methods of coming at God’s love, they learn rules and setup devices to remind them of that love, and it seems like a world of trouble to bring oneself into the consciousness of God’s presence.  Yet it might be so simple.  Is it not quicker and easier just to do our common business wholly for the love of him?”- Brother Lawrence

 What do you think?

Maybe when the “means and methods … and rules and … devices …” fall short should we turn to our “common business wholly for the love of him?”

This prayer was offered as a refrain for that day –

Enable us, Lord, to love you with all that we are and in all that we do.

What today do you find Holy in the common?


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