195 – Eastertide – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Well … we made it through Lent … and then Easter Sunday and now it’s over and we can rest.  Anyone feeling that way this week?  A lot of us were very busy during these past weeks and for many reasons.  It’s natural that we are ready for some rest and for things to get back to “normal.”

It was not too many years ago that I heard the expression “The Great 50 Days of Easter” for the first time.  It speaks of the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost.  It’s also called Eastertide.  I had always thought of Easter as one Sunday that came and went each year.  The person who spoke to me of the 50 days also said, “It’s a time to learn to live into Easter.”

Last year a local congregation asked me to speak at their Wednesday evening services for several weeks after Easter.  I picked a number of the Psalms from the Eastertide lectionary and talked about the “The Easter Psalms.”  I asked the congregation each week to consider how the Psalm might help us learn to pray as Easter people.

Can I ask that of you this week?  Can I ask that of you during this season of Easter?

What are you finding each day is it to pray as Easter people? We live in the light of Easter Sunday, as a people touched by resurrection.  Dare I say “made alive by resurrection?” If that’s the case, then why not spend some time over the next weeks asking what it means to you to pray as Easter people.

What do you think?


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