91 – Holy Week – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

We are coming to the end of Lent with Palm Sunday and Holy week almost upon us.  What will Holy Week be for you?  Will you continue some Lenten practice?  Will you continue reading some work that has been part of Lent (or perhaps started long before Lent)?

I would like to challenge you for Holy Week to in some manner consciously journey that week with Jesus.  Perhaps what you are already doing does that for you or will lend itself to that walk. Or perhaps you want to add a more intentional time with Scripture for this week.  I have found a number of web resources I would like to share with you.

The Lectionary Pages at the Vanderbilt University Library


All the lectionary readings for Holy Week (and the entire year) are well presented at this site.

Roman Catholic Mass Scripture Readings



Both these sites are very good but Universalis.com, while very good, might be an experience in information overload.

Mission St Clare


You will find the full Daily Office here with the accompanying Scripture.  If you are not familiar with the Daily Office (this is an Anglican version from the USA Book of Common Prayer), this is a good place to see it.  But be warned, it can be overwhelming to some.

But what about a much “lower” tech and traditional approach?  Open the Scripture to the passion narratives in the gospels (Matthew 26ff, Mark14ff, Luke 22 , John 12ff) and begin reading.

Let your “reading” be the starting place for you.  Don’t be so focused on reading that you forget to spend time with God.  As you turn your gaze toward God you might want to see what else comes into focus.

I pray for a blessed journey through Holy Week for you.


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