195 – Eastertide – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Well … we made it through Lent … and then Easter Sunday and now it’s over and we can rest.  Anyone feeling that way this week?  A lot of us were very busy during these past weeks and for many … Continue reading

177 -The Story – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Sunday morning I was looking over the Advent and Christmas songs in a hymnal (Celebrating Grace) and came across these lines in a litany – The time has come! God’s church relives the drama of the story we inhabit.   … Continue reading

93 – Octave of Easter – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

“We made it!  We made it through for another year!  Doesn’t Lent seem longer to you every year?  It does to me.  But, we’ve done it for another year.  Lent was long but I guess I got something out of … Continue reading

91 – Holy Week – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

We are coming to the end of Lent with Palm Sunday and Holy week almost upon us.  What will Holy Week be for you?  Will you continue some Lenten practice?  Will you continue reading some work that has been part … Continue reading