101 – Spiritual Formation – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

The other day I was going over definitions of “spiritual formation” (and spiritual practices/disciplines) that I have shared here and then Monday I came across a  blog post by Jayne Davis titled “String Theory.” http://www.abpnews.com/blog/spiritual-formation/string-theory-2012-06-01/ The first sentence got my … Continue reading

94 – Lent & Easter – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Many weeks ago ( #21, #22, and #23 ) I mentioned what Dallas Willard calls the spiritual disciples of abstinence and engagement.  He sees both as necessary for the Christian life and likens it to “outbreathing” and “inbreathing.”  I wonder … Continue reading

88 – Solitude, Silence and Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

One day I am going to make a survey of what writers claim is the “most important” spiritual practice.  That’s not for today but I suspect I would find prayer, silence and solitude as high on most lists. You might … Continue reading

87 – Lent – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Today, I still find I am thinking about Lent and how we keep Lent, or any spiritual practice, in the proper focus.  I want to direct your attention an article and a blog post I read this past week. (1) … Continue reading

85 – Lent – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

“Last year, and again this year, Mark Roberts has posted on his blog several reflections on Ash Wednesday and Lent (see below for links).  Since we are only a week away from Ash Wednesday, I thought it good to point … Continue reading

84 – Spiritual Disciplines – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

I recently came across a blog post by Richard Beck that echos some of the same warnings we heard from Scot McKnight last week, ” … I was trying to push back on a strain of Christianity I see in … Continue reading

79 – Soul Cravings – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Last week I saw this from Sue Monk Kidd, “The soul craves experiences that offer it the rich depths of God.  Silence, solitude, holy leisure, simplicity, prayer, journaling, the Eucharist, rituals that touch the space of Mystery, symbols and images, … Continue reading

75 – Waiting – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Are your hearing and reading a lot about Advent?  I suspect some of us are.  My inbox has been full of offers and suggestions for Advent devotions, things to do, and suggestions on how to make this Advent season meaningful. … Continue reading