What are you doing (or not) for Lent – #5

One last thought before the start of Lent tomorrow, Ash Wednesday.

Do you doodle, color, draw? If you do, or maybe think about such, or have any coloring books around (adult or kids), I have something for you to look at.

Sybil MacBeth is the author of Praying with Color and has a website ( https://prayingincolor.com/ ) where she offers this for times when,

1) You want to pray but words escape you. 2) Sitting still and staying focused in prayer are a challenge. 3) Your body wants to be part of your prayer. 4) You want to just hang out with God but don’t know how. 5) Listening to God feels like an impossible task . 6) Your mind wanders and your body complains. 7) You want a visual, concrete way to pray. 8) You Need a new way to pray.

And, for your more immediate consideration on her blog she offers several Lenten calendar templates – https://prayingincolor.com/blog you can print and try out for yourself.

Of course, you are not limited to her templates. Get a sheet of paper, or open your journal, pick up some coloring pencils or crayons, and see what happens.


{ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est}


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