190 – Community – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

It seems for me “community” is the theme for this Lent.  Everyplace, in email, on the internet, in conversations, the topic keeps coming up.  Please allow me to share with you a few sentences from a post I recently came … Continue reading

177 -The Story – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

Sunday morning I was looking over the Advent and Christmas songs in a hymnal (Celebrating Grace) and came across these lines in a litany – The time has come! God’s church relives the drama of the story we inhabit.   … Continue reading

140 – Palm Sunday – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

The days of Lent have moved on and in a few more days we will come to Palm Sunday.  At some churches people will hear of Jesus’ “Triumphal Entry” into Jerusalem, and may see a few Palm branches, and some … Continue reading

139 – Lenten Meditations – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

A few days ago I was reading the lectionary readings for this Sunday and the passage from Philippians 3:4-14 struck me with particular force. What hit me so hard was, If anyone else has reason to be confident in the … Continue reading

137 – A Lenten Prayer – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

A few weeks ago I mentioned a couple of lenten devotionals that seemed to point toward finding balance in our lives.  Several years ago I came across a lenten prayer that addresses in its own way some aspects of our … Continue reading

136 – Forced Spirituality – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

This past Monday as I looked over the many lenten readings in my email (maybe too many, but that is a discussion for another day) one especially caught my attention, “Forced Spirituality.”  The writer begins with an account of a … Continue reading

135 – Ash Wednesday – Intention on the Spiritual Journey

A few days ago I saw on the High Calling website information about a Lenten devotional booklet ( http://www.thehighcalling.org/lent ) that can be downloaded or followed online.  In the booklet Mark Roberts describes some of the things he finds Lent is and isn’t: … Continue reading